When that once-beautiful and dazzling shower begins to look dull, ugly and downright depressing … and those clean, sharp lines that once framed attractive tiling begin to look dingy and worn … you know that it is time for grout cleaning and repair.

Although the job may be manageable and you can attempt to do it yourself, there are many other factors involved and should be considered before you start a grout repair project.
First, tile grout repair isn”t a project that you can expect to complete quickly. The actual work may or may not take a great deal of time depending upon your exact circumstances and needs, but the overall process requires patience.

In fact, you can expect a tile grout repair project to be approximately a 90 – 100 hour project. So, before you decide to tackle the job, make sure you have some other plan for showering for a few days!
Plan carefully. If you don”t have the time and patience to tackle this type of project … then contact the Grout Guyz team for a FREE in-home estimate.

Once your project get started … The bulk will usually be completed on the first day. After the actually re-grouting and caulking of the areas that needs of repair, you will need to allot two days for the grout to cure. Then, a sealant will be applied and it will take another wait another full day before the shower can be used again.

You will need resist the urge to rush. If you don”t allow the grout to cure or the sealant to set, the moisture produced when the shower is used can undo all of the hard work. The humidity you”d create could destroy your shower grout repair work.